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Famous Books on Health and Nutrition

Foot Relaxation Therapy Chart
The soles of your feet can help relax tension in various parts of your body. This chart shows the zones
on the soles of the feet in relationship to the rest of your body.

Colon Therapy Chart
A most complete chart of the human colon. It indicates the relation of the nerve endings from head to foot
registered in the colon, and should alert you to study your own condition and do something about it.

Endocrine Gland Chart
See where they are located - their innumerable functions, what elements compose them, what juices
nourish them.

Back to the Land for Self-Preservation
As good citizens, we must become efficient in "land manangement" the way it was mean to be -
by families on their own farms and ranches. He offers inspirational thoughts on living your life with a
purpose, and "Enjoying the Life-Style of Your Dreams."

Water Can Undermine Your Health
How water we drink affects our health? - a major problem in virtually every community in the country.
His treatment of water pollution is revealing, comprehensive, and cientific. His findings, and his
recommendations for corrective action, offer new hope!

Colon Health: The Key to a Vibrant Life
In "Colon Health" Dr. Walker will take this forgotten part of your body and focus your full attention on it -
and you'll never again take it for granted! This book explains the benefits derived from colon irrigation
and also shows how every organ, gland, and cell in the body is affected by the condition of the large
intestine - the colon.

The Natural Way to Vibrant Health
"The lack or deficiency of certain nutrients, such as vital organic minerals and salts, and consequentely of
vitamins, from our customary diet is the primary cause of nearly every sickness and disease." For three

Become Younger
"Become Younger" can prepare you to take better care of your body and... might be called the 'cornerstone' of
the famous Walker Program!

Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Juices
What is missing in your body? Dr. Walker categorically lists vegetable juices, explains their elements, formula
guide and provides suggestions for effective treatment of special ailments.

Vegetarian Guide to Diet and Salad
"Both a cookbook and nutritional guide" - Diet & Salad belongs in every homemakers's kitchen. The chemical
elements in foods - protein, amino acids, milk starches, etc. are clearly explained.
Recipes by dozen are supplied.

Pure and Simple, Natural Weight Control 
"A Diet Like No Other" - based on the body's need for vital, life-giving enzymes found only in nature's pure foods.
Easy Weight Control with NEW FOOD COMBINING PLAN!

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Disclaimer: Certain prevailing laws require that contagious and infectious ailments be treated under the direction of a doctor. Whenever possible, we would seek a doctor who is familiar with the benefits which are derived from colon irrigations AND the use of fresh raw vegetable and fruits juices and diet, instead of drugs, serums and "shots".

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