Natural Weight Control Pure and Simple

Norman W. Walker, D.Sc., Ph.D. Bestseller

Easy Weight Control with NEW FOOD COMBINING PLAN

wc.jpgIN FACT – You will be spending less time in the kitchen than you ever did before! Rarely will you ever have to sit down, chew the end of your pencil, and say to yourself, “What am I allowed to eat today?”

In NATURAL WEIGHT CONTROL, Dr. Walker offers "A Diet Like No Other" — based on the body's need for vital, life-giving enzymes found only in nature's pure foods. On enzymes he writes "Enzymes are not things or substances! They are the life-principle in the atoms and molecules of every living cell.

The enzymes in the cells of the human body are exactly like those in vegetation, and the atoms in the human body each have a corresponding affinity for like atoms in vegetation."

Item: Natural Weight Control
Book by N. W. Walker 
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